Enterprise Consulting

2Evolve consulting services will help you optimize your infrastructure and incorporate a host of new technologies into your business.

Architecture & Design Expertise

Getting a great price for your network is important, but if the engineered infrastructure isn’t one that meets your needs, then having a low price doesn’t solve your problems, it creates more. At 2Evolve, we hire only people with real world experience at tier one carriers. Understanding the way to achieve a design that gives you scalability, flexibility, great pricing, and connectivity to cloud and DR infrastructure is key. We design the network to fit YOUR needs, not the carriers. We are your advocate and truly engineer designs that are carrier agnostic to achieve not only your everyday needs, but to take into account growth, disaster recovery, and your budget. We pride ourselves in saying our designs will stand out compared to any of your peers in the industry. We look forward to working with you and proving how our experience will make your next network a revenue producer for you.

Project & Lifecycle Support

In today’s environment many companies have resource constraints and benefit from our expertise for projects that are critical to your success. 2Evolve Technologies is experienced in managing single site or complex multi-location network conversions, upgrades or rightsizing of existing infrastructure. Our project management services include the following:

  • Creation of a scope of work for the project
  • Define critical sites, order of importance and establish dates for milestone events in coordination with vendor(s) involved
  • Hold regularly scheduled project coordination calls with meeting notes and status reports
  • Act as a facilitator between the client and the vendor to ensure that the client’s requirements are met
  • Order tracking and coordination
  • Ongoing support and single point of contact during conversion, implementation and through first bill review.
  • Post cut/conversion support, lessons learned and project documentation
  • Verification that acceptance criteria have been met


Are you spending too much time & money managing your business? SimpleTek Software can help. With over 40 years experience, SimpleTek Software can assist with managing many areas of your business including:

  • Account Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Expense Management
  • Project Management

In the event an issue arises, the SimpleTek helpdesk makes it easy to submit tickets & track progress.

The reporting module provides real time information at the touch of a button, allowing you to make informed decisions in every aspect of your business.

Big Data Analytics

At 2Evolve, our Enterprise Consultants can help you build a big data strategy and implement a solution that will give your business a competitive edge.

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